Smartlipo Triplex Laser Liposuction

Smartlipo Triplex Laser Liposuction

Oct 30, 2018   Queencitybody   Smartlipo Triplex

What is SmartLipo Triplex?

In today’s time, all of us are very busy with our hectic schedules and do not get enough time to think about our body. The growing fat is an all-time issue that is a headache for more than 80% people. There are many pills, supplements, products and other treatments available for fat reduction but how many of them are really effective we all are aware of it.

In the past twenty years, there has been a great development in the field of Body ContouringSmartLipo Triplex is a simple yet effective liposuction laser treatment process which not only helps in removal of the excess fat from all body parts but also tightens up the loose skin to give a slim and trim look. When you are looking for a shorter time of recovery, SmartLipo Triplex is the best for you.

Before you find out whether this liposuction laser treatmentis for you or not, let’s have a look at more details about the working, treatment, and benefits of Smartlipo Triplex.


How SmartLipo Triplex Works?


How SmartLipo Triplex Works?


Smartlipo Triplex is a non surgical weight loss treatmentprocedure which is very simple and easy. During the liposuction laser treatment, the targeted area is treated with a local anesthetic. Then, a small tube called cannula which is of pen tip size or a laser fiber is inserted inside the skin. The laser fiber then gets heated up and the fat cells get ruptured. This way it becomes easier for the doctors to perform the suction over the fat.

The areas which are small and have less fat accumulated, doctors allow all the fat to be drained naturally. This uniquely designed technology is very safe to use as a fat removal treatment as well as for the tightening of the tissues. With the help of this laser, the production of collagen is stimulated and thus the skin tightening Body Contouring can be seen in less than 3 to 6 months.


Treatment areas of SmartLipo Triplex


Treatment areas of SmartLipo Triplex


When SmartLipo is performed in a proper manner, it can really be the best fat removal treatment available in today’s time. It can be effectively used to treat all the stubborn fat from the entire body. The major treatment areas include the following body parts:

  • The chin

When properly applied over the chin, the Smartlipo Triplex can help in reducing the double chin and properly contour the jawline. Also, it then tightens up the skin on the chin to moderate out all the signs of aging.

  • Abdomen

Laser liposuctionis the best way to remove all the stubborn pocket fat from the abdomen midsection. The toned and flat abs will be revealed out thus making you proud to show them.

  • Flanks

With the help of this non surgical weight loss treatment even very hard to treat muffin tops can be treated. Thus, you can get a very contoured and smooth silhouette which will actively resemble your lifestyle.

  • Back

This is also an effective fat removal treatment for men who want to have a strong and muscular back. Even women who have extra breast fat can use this treatment to decrease fat and get a better body shape.

  • Male chest

Those men who have the problem of enlarged breasts can use the SmartLipo treatment to cut out all the excess volume and get a masculine flat chest.

These are some of the major areas where the SmartLipo treatment can best work out.


Benefits of SmartLipo Triplex

Laser SmartLipo Triplex LipoSuction is the best way to transform the look of a person thus reversing out all the signs of aging and eliminating all the fat that was not responding when trying to treat with gym and exercises.

The major benefits of this SmartLipo Triplex- best fat removal treatment are as follows:


  • Shorter recovery period

Very short recovery time is associated with SmartLipo treatment. In most of the cases, patients can return to normal working just after a day or two of the treatment. The recovery time may vary depending upon the part of the body being treated.

  • Pain-freeprocess

The SmartLipo treatment just takes an hour or maybe two to complete depending on the size of body and a total number of areas to be treated. The whole process is painless as the body part to be treated is numbed with an anesthetic. You can just feel a little bit of pressure or tugging, that’s it.

  • No special after caring required

After the treatment is done, you might feel some numbness on the treated parts. After some hours, this numbness vanishes and you will feel normal as usual. Maybe some swelling can come on the treated parts that will typically diminish in a week or two. Also, you might need to wear a compression garment for one week just to improve the area appearance where the treatment was done.

  • Rest and get recovered

After the Smartlipo Triplex treatment is done, you just need to rest simply to get the recovery done quickly. Plan to rest on the bed and watch TV. The day, on which Laser LipoSuction treatment will be done, you will feel a bit tired and healing will be best done by sleeping for long hours. Try having healthy meals and rest at a comfortable place.

Within three to six months of the Laser LipoSuction treatment, you will be able to see the final results but in initial weeks the Body Contour improvement will be visible to you. You can do regular exercises still to get your body fit and healthy after the treatment is done. The results of the treatment are long-lasting and the body will always react naturally to all your intakes with this best non surgical weight loss treatment.

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